What is GCARD

In GCARD 2015, the CGIAR and GFAR have designed a two year consultation process that builds on demand for research by a broad range of users. It is a platform that invites all partners to engage, share and question findings, experience and knowledge on CGIAR research and innovation. The GCARD3 consultation includes dialogue on development of the Integrated Investment Facility for Agricultural Innovation. In addition, GCARD 2015 will be a forum for accountability of the CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework and renewal of the CGIAR Research Program portfolio. The consultations will include a GCARD 2015 milestone event (tentatively planned for the end of 2015) with further information on this event to be posted in the near future. Depending on the results of consultations in 2015, the GCARD 2015 event, and the plans for the full proposals for new CGIAR Research Programs, consultation will continue in 2016 linked with the development of the CGIAR Research Programs second call for full proposals.